Elevating the Glass Industry Through Strategic Acquisition

Glass Enterprises is thrilled to announce our expansion with a cutting-edge, 180,000-square-foot glass plant in Norwich, Connecticut. The new plant is outfitted with the latest glass manufacturing technologies, ensuring unmatched quality and precision in every product.

From jumbo to digitally printed glass, bird-friendly to laminated options, our advanced equipment will ensure your next project comes to life without compromise. 

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New Capabilities of the Glass Plant

The facility’s vast size and top-tier manufacturing standards allow us to offer specialized services previously unavailable in the Northeast. Our capabilities now include:

Enhanced Production Capacity

The new plant allows Glass Enterprise to increase its production capacity significantly. This includes running more glass and accommodating larger projects.

Diverse Glass Processing Capabilities

The plant is equipped to perform a variety of processes, including laminating, heat soaking, and cutting both regular-sized and jumbo glass. This positions Glass Enterprise to offer products and services that cater to a broader range of customer needs.

Fabrication Capabilities

The facility can fabricate some of the largest glass pieces globally, setting a benchmark in the industry for scale and capability.

Digital Printing on Glass

A notable technological advancement is the plant’s ability to digitally print on glass using ceramic ink jet technology. This allows for customized designs and applications, expanding the creative solutions Glass Enterprise can offer to clients.

Expanded Reach and Extended Capacity Capabilities to Drive Success

With our expansion into a state-of-the-art glass plant, Glass Enterprises is investing in the local workforce, providing job opportunities, and ensuring a dedicated team for your projects. Be part of a success story with one of the only American, family-owned glass fabricators capable of delivering the size, scale, and scope of work that our Norwich facility enables. Welcome to the future of glass manufacturing!

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