Expert Commercial Glass Manufacturing Services

When you need quick lead times, unique glass requirements, or complex project logistics, we’re here to help. We deliver commercial glass manufacturing and metal fabrication services tailored to your specific needs.

Our Jumbo Glass Insulating Units are specially designed for storefront and large-scale architectural projects. Available in sizes up to 10 ft x 8 ft, our insulating glass units are perfect for new construction, skyscrapers, or replacement windows.

Glass Enterprises employs a top-of-the-line glass tempering furnace that enhances the durability and safety of our glass products. The tempering process ensures that our glass can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, making it ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

Our spandrel glass fabrication capabilities include the application of silicone, opacity coatings, digital prints, and ceramic. With our advanced technologies, we can manufacture striking glass features that meet stringent building codes and performance criteria. 

Our digital scanning technology sets precise tolerances and identifies any imperfections, such as glass impurities or surface blemishes. That way, we can be certain that each manufactured glass product is flawless before it reaches our customers.

Glass Enterprises’ dedication to quality extends to engineered products like railings, canopies, and all-glass doors. Our engineered products are manufactured to deliver durable and visually impressive results for any project.

We provide UV bird-friendly glass designed with special patterns that are virtually invisible to the human eye but visible to birds. This helps significantly reduce the risk of collisions without compromising on aesthetics.

No need to stress over large deliveries. The integrated boom crane in our delivery trucks allows for precise placement at your site, significantly reducing the risk of damage during unloading and installation.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce laminated glass that ensures security along with enhanced UV protection, noise reduction, and thermal efficiency. Let us know about your laminated glass needs – we have the machinery to get it done right.

Our giant inkjet printers are designed specifically for glass, enabling us to offer unparalleled customization in glass design. This technology allows for precision in creating designs from dots to gradients to logos and beyond.

Glass Enterprises excels in metal fabrication, offering a one-stop shop for all architectural glass and metal requirements. This ensures seamless design, production, and installation processes for glass and metal components.

With our glass heat soaking process, we’ll catch any internal defects right in the plant rather than letting them surprise you after installation. This proactively addresses the costly and dangerous issue of glass explosions, giving our clients reliability and peace of mind.

We’ll manufacture jumbo glass insulating units and provide jumbo tempering services. Our processing equipment can handle large glass dimensions up to 10 ft x 17 ft, ideal for new constructions, skyscraper facades, and grand storefront windows.


Architectural Glass Fabrication

We’ll assist you with efficient design, cost management, speed to market, and constructibility.

Whether you are an owner, architect, consultant, construction manager, general contractor or glazing contractor, you can reduce risk by engaging a world-class glass fabricator early on in the process.

glass design team looking at computer

Capacity Planning Reservation

Reserve your place with us and avoid supply chain hassles and delays.

Need a guaranteed lead time but don’t yet have the exact sizes? No problem! Contact us and we’ll save you a spot in our system.

business man using computer next to large window

Project Management

Let our trained in-house team hammer out your logistics.

A successful project is completed on time, within budget, without sacrificing quality. Hitting all those goals requires the right kind of planning. Find out how our team can help!

team strategizing in a meeting room with glass walls

Metal Fabrication & Distribution

Out-source your engineering and fabrication to maximize your in-house resources.

While we are engineering and fabricating your custom metal products, your team is working on the next project or getting out to the site to prepare for installation.

metal fabricator using machinery in factory