Metal Fabrication & Distribution

End-to-End Custom Metal Fabrication & Distribution Services

As a Kawneer distributor, our goal is to provide a full suite of metal fabrication services for your next project. That’s why we don’t just deliver your individual architectural glass components. We’ll also fabricate the custom metal products you need, tailored to your exact specifications and timeline. 

From channel glass applications to structural silicone glazing and beyond, we’re your one-stop shop for more efficient and accurate metal fabrication. Let’s work together and avoid the challenges associated with coordinating multiple companies at each stage of your project.

building with rounded fabricated metal exterior
metal fabricator using machinery in factory
metal fabricator using machinery in factory

Metal Fabricators Invested in Your Success

We fabricate storefront frames and doors that fit your specifications using the latest CNC equipment. With our engineering capabilities and short lead times, we’re dedicated to reducing stress on your next storefront framing project. Our work in storefront framing fabrication is driven by a commitment to precision and craftsmanship.

Our engineering expertise ensures that your fabricated metal products are crafted to match your specific requirements, contributing to the success of your project. Engineering excellence is at the heart of our metal fabrication services. With our state-of-the-art machinery, our engineers are well-equipped to meet stringent quality standards.

Our metal door fabrication services are highly collaborative. With an eye for detail and a commitment to precision, our certified fabricators create custom metal doors designed to exceed expectations. Our extensive project management expertise ensures that each metal fabrication project is executed on time and within budget.

Before the fabrication process begins, our team provides detailed shop drawings and CAD visualizations. Shop drawings provide a detailed look at the design, dimensions, and materials being used in your metal door, revealing how each component fits together. Trust Glass Enterprises to refine your architectural drawings into real-world, feasible designs and applications.

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) channel application holds significant importance for metal fabrication projects. This is especially true for projects that demand energy efficiency with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our purpose-built equipment and precision engineering techniques ensure the quality of each glass unit.

Our dedicated team will assess your project requirements, creating a comprehensive take-off tailored to your specific needs. This aids in cost estimation and planning while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. By thoroughly understanding your vision and project objectives, we provide a customized take-off that forms the backbone of a successful metal fabrication project.

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