Commercial Retrofit Window System

Upgrade Your Building with Our Energy-Efficient Retrofit Window System

Unlock the potential of your existing, single-glazed windows with Glass Enterprises’ Retrofit Window System. Our advanced retrofit solution transforms your single-pane windows into high-performing, triple-glazed insulated glass units. Embrace sustainability, enhance energy efficiency, and notice remarkable noise reduction, without the inconvenience, cost, and disruption of a complete window rip-out and re-glaze.

Depending on your building’s particular makeup, our retrofit system may also be combined with a vacuum insulated glass (VIG) option for the highest thermal performance available in a retrofit system. Our technology ensures your retrofit journey is seamless from start to finish. Our in-house technical team will collaborate with you to evaluate, design, and implement a customized retrofit that aligns with your building’s unique requirements, delivered on schedule.

modern office building with windows

Product Options

Retrofit Glazing System for existing, single-glazed windows

Tailored solutions for noise attenuation and thermal control

Customizable finishes to match your architectural design

Advanced spacer technology for superior insulation

Selection of argon-filled, low-E coated glazing options