2000 Pennsylvania Avenue

In 2021, 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue was awarded the ABC Delaware Excellence In Construction Award, considered the “Best of the Best” in Delaware’s construction industry.

But with the architect’s (Bernardon) spec requirements of its impressive glass entry facade and GGA Construction’s complex and tight timelines, commercial glazier Malvern Glass had a challenge on their hands. Knowing they would need capacity planning and project management assistance with the necessary glass products, they turned to Glass Enterprises.

“This project required multiple releases of glass and had to meet aggressive scheduling requirements for coordination with other trades and sequential area turnovers,” explained Tom Holden, Jr., Project Manager at Malvern Glass. “Glass Enterprises was able to meet those needs and delivered quality glass with every order.”

Wilmington may not be the first city you think of on the East Coast, but it isn’t called the “Corporate Capital of America” for nothing. With its bustling restaurants, museums, and shopping, it stands to reason that a high-end, luxury apartment building like 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue would be constructed close to its business district.

The partnership and planning of everyone involved in the project paid off!

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