Broome Street

In Manhattan, the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) has long been envisioning a more affordable, inclusive Lower East Side. In 2021, together with Gotham Development and the architects from Dattner, their vision began to take shape when excavation began on the Broome Street Development complex — a new community anchor that would include spaces for critical community and cultural heritage organizations and intergenerational, mixed-income housing.

The commercial glazier for the project, Above All Storefronts, came to Glass Enterprises with a challenge: create a complex glass railing system that required custom fitting. Our glass design assistance teams were ready to help. Working with Sadev USA hardware and Green Building Products, we created custom 13/16” fritted (glass printed with ink that contains ultra-small particles of ground-up glass), laminated glass for exterior handrails and windscreens within the structure. Not only does the laminate provide extra security, but the fritting aids in energy efficiency.

As the Broome Street project nears its completion, Glass Enterprises’ teams are gratified to have been able to provide the precise, quality materials for such an important community project.

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